Jim Pearce


Year of Admission to the NSW bar


Email: jimpearce1@bigpond.com

Telephone: (02) 9264 6899


areas of practice

  • Industrial/Employment

  • Fair Work Act Prosecutions

  • Administrative

  • Constitutional

  • Work Health and Safety

  • Competition Law


Jim specialises in all industrial and employment matters, including Fair Work Act prosecutions, restraint of trade matters and work health and safety. Jim has defended over 30 prosecutions under the Workplace Relations Act and now the Fair Work Act on behalf of employers and unions.

Jim regularly delivers industrial law education papers. He is a member of ICTUR. In 2008 he delivered a paper on Differences in Approach between the Law of Post Employment Restraints in NSW, Victoria & Queensland at the Europe-Asia Legal Conference. In 2014 he participated in the XI European Regional Congress of ISLSSL in Dublin. In 2014 he was an Expert Witness in Restraint of Trade proceedings in the Supreme Court Republic of South Africa. In 2015 he delivered a paper at the North/South International Law Conference in Marrakesh.

Jim accepts direct access work in respect of unfair and unlawful dismissals and wprk health and safety matters from employees and employers.

Selected cases

The almost 150 matters that Jim has taken judgment or decisions in over the last seventeen years are set out in his CV, which is available on request from the Clerk.

Equally importantly for the proper administration of justice, Jim has successfully settled over 2000 other matters in the last 17 years.

Selected papers/publications

“Coercion” Under Chapter Part 3-1 of The Fair Work Act 2009

Issues In Making Enterprise Agreements

Authorities on Establishing the Identity of the Employer

The Privilege of Individuals Against Disclosure In Civil Prosecutions in Australia and Union Officials’ Financial Management

Duties under Chapter 2 Part 9 of the Fair Work Act 2009

Any other appointments/committees/things of interest

Alderman Canterbury Council (1977 - 1980)

50 year member of the SCG