Jim Nolan


Year of Admission to the NSW bar:



areas of practice

  • Industrial

  • Employment

  • Civil and Human Rights

  • Discrimination

  • Administrative


Jim Nolan is a graduate in Arts from Queensland University, in law from Macquarie University, and he holds a Master’s degree in law from Sydney University Law School.

Upon graduation from Queensland University, Jim came to Sydney and commenced his working career as an industrial officer and advocate for a number of media unions, now amalgamated as the Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance.

From 1984 to 1987 Jim held the statutory office of Executive Member of the NSW Privacy Committee. In this capacity he was involved in issues involving press freedom and individual privacy.

Jim has appeared in all major industrial jurisdictions in Australia, mainly for trade union clients. He has acted for major unions, including cleaners and hospitality workers, fire-fighters, international flight attendants, public hospital medical specialists, journalists, actors and film and television workers.

Jim has a long standing interest in human rights and the international struggle for democracy and press freedom and has acted on a pro bono basis for the International Federation of Journalists at the trials of Indonesian journalists and in activities in support of press freedom. Jim has also travelled to Sri Lanka to act as a part of a special press freedom mission. In 2016 Jim travelled to Timor Leste as legal observer at the trial of a local journalist Raimondos Oki who was charged with criminal denunciation of the then Prime Minister. Oki was acquitted.

Jim has lectured in labour law (part-time) at Sydney University Law School. He was also a foundation member of the editorial committee of the Australian Journal of Labour Law. Jim has also serves as a member of the Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance journalists’ ethics panel.