Ross GoodridgeAdmitted to the Bar in 1988

Areas of Practice

  • Real property law
  • Australian Consumer Law
  • Insolvency
  • Commercial law
  • Civil Liability Act
  • Professional and medical negligence
  • Margin lending
  • Banking law
  • Family provision cases
  • Work injury damages
  • Workers compensation
  • Motor Accidents
  • Insurance
  • Equity
  • Superannuation
  • Mediations
  • Appellate

More information

Ross has practised as a lawyer for over 30 years and was admitted to the Bar in 1988. The number of cases that Ross has presented in courts is in the 1000’s. He has appeared in over 220 reported cases.

In addition to his appearance practice, Ross has a significant practice advising on complex legal matters including real property law, Australian Consumer Law, insolvency, commercial law, Civil Liability Act, professional negligence, work injury damages law, insurance recovery and indemnity, practice and procedure, family provision cases under the Succession Act, complex workers injury damages cases including death claims, catastrophic injuries, apportionments and recovery, complex workers compensation cases including death claims, catastrophic injuries, apportionments and recovery, and Motor Accidents Act cases including death claims and catastrophic injuries.

Following on from the cases of Goodridge v Macquarie Bank [2010] FCA 67; 265 ALR 170 and Leveraged Equity v Goodridge [2011] FCAFC 3; 274 ALR 655; (2011); 191 FCR 71, Ross established a substantial advice and mediation practice in matters involving banking law, margin loans and remedies for unconscionable conduct and contractual breaches involving banks, margin lenders, mortgage brokers, stock brokers and financial advisors. An example of this practice was the approximately 160 former Storm Financial clients whom Ross assisted with claims against the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Bank of Queensland, Macquarie Bank, ANZ Bank and Bank of Western Australia.

Off The Plan disputes are becoming a common part of Ross’ practice.

Off The Plan Disputes

As Off The Plan contracts approach completion date, buyers often find themselves wanting to:

  • rescind and recover their deposit;
  • receive a price reduction;
  • negotiate change; or
  • obtain an extension of time to settle without incurring interest or other penalty.

There can be many reasons for this including change of circumstances, lack of available mortgage funding, disappointment with the building as constructed or simply buyer’s remorse.

Legal solutions can be difficult to identify. Statutory remedies may be available under the Australian Consumer Law, the Australian Securities and Investment Act 2001, the Corporation Act 2001, the Conveyancing Act 1919, the Real Property Act 1900, the Contracts Review Act 1980 or revenue statutes. Common law remedies may be available under the law of contract, unconscionable conduct, mistake, legal and equitable estoppel, duress, undue influence, frustration or illegality. Equitable relief may be available to relieve against forfeiture, or grant specific performance, injunctive relief, rescission or rectification.

Remedies may be employed in the client’s interest directly through litigation or more subtly through alternate dispute resolution or to gain leverage during informal dispute or negotiation.

Time is often precious and scarce in these types of disputes and delay can be critical so don’t delay.

Dispute and Litigation Funding

Off The Plan Dispute Funding

Disputes can be expensive. Vendors will not offer the Purchasers what they want or allow them to rescind. Purchasers may want options but paying for skilled advice and paying for the implementation of that advice is not always easy for purchasers. Purchasers don’t want to throw god money after bad. Purchasers may not want to pay any more as they are already faced with having to pay solicitor’s fees to date, solicitor’s future fees and possibly the cost to complete the purchase. For many, their wealth is already committed to the deposit and stamp duty. For some purchasers it is all too much and they will consider defaulting or simply surrendering to the other party’s demands.

The traditional funding model of payment upfront fees is not the only way clients can finance these disputes. The type of arrangements that can be made is almost unlimited. Traditional fee models can be complimented by or replaced by other arrangements, as required by the circumstances, such as ‘no win – no pay’ or third party dispute and litigation funding.

Third party dispute and litigation funding is where a third party funder bears, for example, the client’s costs in return for a percentage of any successful outcome. The third party funder would fund the current solicitor (or conveyancer), counsel’s fees, search fees, filing fees, disbursements, investigators, mediation fees, future legal fees and any management or manager’s fees.

Funding is by agreement and will vary from case to case. Funding options may include payment of fees currently owed plus approval for payment of future legal fees.

Ross can introduce solicitors or their clients to third party funders.

Litigation Funding Generally

The cost of any litigation, except criminal proceedings or proceedings under the Family Law Act, can be the subject of a conditional costs agreement such as “No Win – No Pay” arrangements or funded by a third party or some blended arrangement.

Third party funding arrangements are now common gaining since the High Court’s judicial blessing of litigation funding in the landmark decision of Campbells Cash & Carry Pty Ltd v Fostif Pty Ltd (2006) 229 CLR 386.

Third party funding has been endorsed by the Commonwealth Government when in 2013 the Corporations Amendment Regulation 2012 excluded funded actions from the definition of a managed investment scheme. In the explanatory statement the government stated that “the Government supports class actions and litigation funders as they can provide access to justice for a large number of consumers who may otherwise have difficulties in resolving disputes. The Government’s main objective is therefore to ensure that consumers do not lose this important means of obtaining access to the justice system”.

Academic and professional papers

Papers Delivered include:

  • National Retailers Association Master Class on Employment; Reasonable Management Action.
  • A Master Class in Work Injury Damages.
  • Put up your Hand if You Think Our Drug Laws Work for Society, Addicts or Victims.
  • Drug Courts, A Proven Success.
  • Unpaid Superannuation Contributions and the Private Right to Enforce.
  • Superannuation Law – Insurance and Disability Claims, Does Total and Permanent Disability have to be Total and Permanent?
  • Workplace Injury Management and Workers Compensation Act 1998.
  • Costs and the Legal Profession Act.
  • Estoppel and What Tomlinson means.
  • In its Absolute Discretion.
  • Pitfalls Not to Fall for.
  • The American Medical Assessment Guidelines in the Real World.
  • The Compensation Sting in Guilty Pleas.
  • Storm Financial Victims, Class Actions and Individual Claims.


Legislative Reform

Ross has been centrally involved in the reform of a number of laws in Australia including superannuation laws, criminal laws and the Fines Act. Ross has assisted the parliaments and/or parliamentary committees of the Commonwealth and most states in Australia.

1997 to 2002

Ross’ most significant legislative reform was the introduction of Drug Courts in Australia.

In the period leading up to 1998, Ross observed anecdotal evidence of greater and greater individual and community harm from drug trafficking and addiction.

Drug addiction, property offences and other drug related crime became rampant. Towns and suburbs changed; windows and doors gained security bars; banks and bottle shops gained armed guards; the streets and railway stations became unsafe at night; emergency workers had to deal with ever increasing numbers of drug overdoses; and, policing was strained.

The drug epidemic brought with it (or because of it) a complex set of cause and effect consequences. Demand caused supply and supply caused addiction and addiction caused personal distress, family distress and crime.

At that time, the general debate in Australia, about drugs, was stifled by beliefs anchored in entrenched moral positions, misinformation, generational divides and history. The debate was usually combatively characterised as prohibitionists versus abolitionists who believed that drug laws were effectively obsolete and that all such laws should be abolished. Neither major political party wished to adopt any position other than the status quo. This political impasse led to our laws languishing.

Ross went looking for legal solutions that may work and that may be politically acceptable to all major parties and the community.

Ross adapted the idea of Drug Courts to suit NSW’s laws. Ross then had a series of meetings with every political party in NSW followed by a media campaign. Ross subsequently addressed the parliaments, parliamentary committees and/or the political parties in South Australia, Victoria, Western Australia and Queensland.

The first Australian Drug Court was established in New South Wales in 1999. In 2000 drug courts were introduced in South Australia, Western Australia and Queensland. 2000 also saw the commencement of the NSW Youth Drug and Alcohol Court. Victoria introduced its first drug court in 2002.

Drug Courts have been successful:

  • It is estimated, by Wikipedia, that there are now more than 3,000 Drug Courts worldwide.
  • Drug Courts have been introduced into most western legal systems.
  • Variations of the Drug Court model has been introduced for mental health related crime in many jurisdictions.
  • Drug Courts have been the subject of numerous government funded studies and academic studies. The published findings from these studies have encouraged the proliferation of Drug Courts worldwide.


2002 to 2003
In 2002 the NSW government introduced wide-ranging changes to the administration of compensation laws including abolishing the Compensation Court. Ross approached the then president of the Bar Association, Brett Walker SC, with Ross’ view that the new laws were constitutionally illegal. With the Bar Associations’ assistance, Ross’ points of challenge were argued as the test case Orellana-Fuentes v Standard Knitting Mill Pty Limited & Anor; Carey v Blasdom Pty Limited T/as Ascot Freightlines & Anor [2003] NSWCA 146; (2003) 57 NSWLR 282; [2004] ALMD 1957; [2004] ALMD 1959. Ross was led by Gageler SC who is now a Judge of the High Court of Australia.

2006 to 2008

 In 2006, Ross identified that there was an anomaly in the operation of the Superannuation (Unclaimed Money and Lost Members) Act 1999 that unfairly favoured temporary residents over permanent residents and citizens of Australia. This anomaly caused distortions in the Australian labour market and caused approximately $2 billion to sit in unclaimed money accounts where it was slowly wasted through administration costs levied by financial institutions.

After Ross’ identification of this issue to the relevant federal Minister in 2007, Ross was asked to suggest legislative reform.

2008 to 2013

Following the collapse of Storm Financial, Ross assisted approximately 2,000 victims and their association with submissions pressing for an enquiry by Parliament.


Significant Cases

High Court

Tomlinson v Ramsey Food Processing Pty Limited [2015] HCA 28

Ramton v Cassin (1996) 70 ALJR 558

Laybutt v Glover Gibbs Pty Ltd t/as Balfours NSW Pty Ltd [2005] HCA 56; (2005) 221 ALR 310; (2005) 79 ALJR 1808

Fergusson v Latham [2008] HCA 24; 50 MVR 168

Williams and ORS v Bodewes S131/1997 [1998]

Cullen v Sema s131/1997

Galibal Pty Ltd t/as Hotel Nikko Darling Harbour v Higgins S159/1998 [1999]

Shoalhaven City Council v Timbs [2005] HCATrans 92

Laybutt v Glover Gibbs Pty Ltd [2005] HCATrans 415

Fullard v Cruise Group Pty Ltd [2005] HCATrans 963

Court of Appeal

Constantin Georgiev v Guenther Groeschl – BC8902415

Fernance V Nominal Defendant and Another – (1989) 17 NSWLR 710

Creer v District Court Of New South Wales and ANOR – BC9700533

Cowan v Cowan – BC9707681

Haines v Metz – BC9103672

Mistroni v Steindlberger and Another – BC9203011

Haines v Hudson – BC9402326

Mulwaree Shire Council v Bezzina – BC9504770

Whittaker v Flynn and Anor – BC9505207

Seddiq v Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation; Seddiq V Towers – BC9505411

Phuong v Berghofer – 22 MVR 357

Bradshaw and Another v Wallis – 23 MVR 472

Newells Creek Sawmilling Pty Ltd v Syron (No 2) – BC9601014

Allen v Chown and Another  (1996) 24 MVR 255

Ramton v Cassin (1995) 38 NSWLR 88

Cullen v Sema [1998] NSWSC 508; BC9805814

Higgins v Galibal Pty Ltd t/as Hotel Nikko Darling Harbour (1998) 45 NSWLR 45

Lake Macquarie City Council v Bottomley [1999] NSWCA 28; 103 LGERA 77

Smithson v Baines [1999] NSWCA 48

Coca-Cola Amatil NSW Pty Limited v Dilello [1999] NSWCA 102

Steven John French v New South Wales [1999] NSWCA 175

Smithson v Baines No 2 [1999] NSWCA 193

Our Lady of Loreto Nursing Home v Olsen [2000] NSWCA 12; 19 NSWCCR 465

Muller v Lalic [2000] NSWCA 50

Matthew Hall Pty Ltd v Smart [2000] NSWCA 284

Nominal Defendant v Cencic [2000] NSWCA 297; (2001) 33 MVR 233

Nominal Defendant v Niko Cencic [2001] NSWCA 69

Segal v Young [2001] NSWCA 141

Taber v NSW Land and Housing Corporation [2001] NSWCA 182

Atikullah v Sefton [2001] NSWCA 385; 35 MVR 136

Pope v Pantarotto; Pope v Pantarotto & The Nominal Defendant v Pantarotto & Anor [2001] NSWCA 378

Pickwell v Cotswold Australia Pty Limited [2001] NSWCA 462

Sjostrom v McDermott [2002] NSWCA 80

Wrigley v Holland [2002] NSWCA 109

Gillogly v Iama Agribusiness Pty Limited [2002] NSWCA 251

Transtate Pty. Limited v Rauk & Anor. [2002] NSWCA 222

Orellana-Fuentes v Standard Knitting Mill Pty Limited & Anor; Carey v Blasdom Pty Limited T/as Ascot Freightlines & Anor [2003] NSWCA 146

Glover Gibbs P/L t/as Balfours NSW P/L v Laybutt [2004] NSWCA 45

Timbs v Shoalhaven City Council [2004] NSWCA 81; (2004) LGERA 397; [2004] Aust Torts Reports 81-738; [2005] ALMD 3502; [2005] ALMD 3624; [2005] ALMD 3835

Walsh v Visionstream Pty Limited [2004] NSWCA 104

Brown v Lewis [2006] NSWCA 87

Latham v Fergusson [2006] NSWCA 288

Kasupene v Ajax Foundry Pty Limited [2006] NSWCA 309

Wayne Sauer v Allianz Australia Insurance Limited [2006] NSWCA 364; (2006) 47 MVR 220; [2008] ALMD 5958

Firth v Latham & Ors [2007] NSWCA 40; (2006) 46 MVR 412; [2006] Aust Torts Reports 81-861; [2007] ALMD 1446

Hayek v Trujillo [2007] NSWCA 139; 49 MVR 12

J Blackwood & Son Steel & Metals Pty Ltd v Nichols & Anor [2007] NSWCA 157

Firth v Wowk & Ors [2008] NSWCA 104

Ric Developments trading as Lane Cove Poolmart v Muir [2008] NSWCA 155; (2008) 71 NSWLR 593; 6 DDCR 339; [2009] ALMD 3565

Coastwide Steel & Metal Work Pty Limited V Douglas [2008] NSWCA 173

Firth v Wowk & Ors (No 2) [2008] NSWCA 182

Coastwide Steel & Metal Work Pty Ltd V Douglas (No. 2) [2008] NSWCA 218

Coastwide Steel & Metal Work Pty Limited V Jason James Douglas [2008] NSWCA 330

Fletcher International Exports Pty Ltd v Lott & Anor [2010] NSWCA 63

Firth v Sutton [2010] NSWCA 90

Firth v Sutton (No 2) [2010] NSWCA 109

Meeuwissen V Boden [2010] NSWCA 253; (2010) 78 NSWLR 143; 56 MVR 453; [2011] ALMD 1985

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Supreme Court

Lyndove Pty Ltd v Anese – BC8902453

Wimborne v Wimborne – BC9202080

The National Commercial Bank v Wimborne – BC9202016

The National Commercial Bank v Wimborne – BC9201904

Estoril Investments Pty Ltd v Westpac Banking Corp, Westpac Banking Corp V Estoril Investments Pty Ltd – BC9301779

Estoril Investments Pty Ltd v Westpac Banking Corp – 6 BPR 97441

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Richardson v NZI Insurance [2000] NSWSC 510

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Firth v Centrelink and Anor (No2) [2002] NSWSC 850

Matisan v Wilson [2002] NSWSC 1189

Locnere Pty Ltd and Anor v Jakk’s Bagel and Bread Co Pty Ltd [2003] NSWSC 1123

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Hean and Anor v Thai and Anor [2005] NSWSC 460 (

Stephen Paul Firth v John Hutchinson [2005] NSWSC 479

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In the matter of Vangory Holdings Pty Ltd [2015] NSWSC 546

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In the matter of Vangory Holdings Pty Ltd [2015] NSWSC 801

Sydney Developments Pty Limited v Perry Properties Pty Limited [2016] NSWSC 515

Universal 1919 Pty Limited v 122 Pitt St Pty Limited [2016] NSWSC 942

Favetti Bricklaying v Benedek [2016] NSWSC

Industrial Relations Commission of New South Wales

Cornell v Titley [2002] NSWIRComm 326

Faraci v The Leak Shop Pty Ltd [2003] NSWIRComm 169

Federal Court

Re Peta Athans Ex Parte Artemis Athans [1991] FCA 193; 243 Bankruptcy 29 FCR 302

Re Doran Holdings Pty Limited; Doran Developments Pty Limited and v F Doran and Sons (Building) Pty Limited v Waters Gamble and Associates Pty Limited and Sean E Waters [1992] FCA 622

Firth v Commissioner of Taxation [2001] FCA 1300;189 ALR 472; (2001) 48 ATR 93; [2001] ATC 4615

Falamaki v Wollongong City Council [2009] FCA 1045

Family Court

In the Matter Of: Raymond Joseph Wimborne and Pearl Manson Wimborne [1994] FamCA 40

Trustee for the Bankrupt Estate of N Lasic & Lasic [2010] FamCA 682

District Court

Sutton v Firth (No 2) [2009] NSWDC 53

Sutton v Firth (No 3) [2009] NSWDC 68

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Administrative Appeals Tribunal of Australia

Nehme and Secretary, Department of Family and Community Services [2002] AATA 1225

McKinnon and Secretary, Department of Family and Community Services [2003] AATA 415; (2003) ALD 187; [2004] ALMD 6391

Australian Industrial Relations Commission

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Compensation Court of NSW

Neal v Lysaght [2002] NSWCC 20

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Worker Compensation Presidential Decisions

Terrivic Pty Limited v Davis [2016] NSWWCCPD 27

Trustees of the Society of St Vincent de Paul (NSW) v Maxwell James Kear as administrator of the estate of Anthony John Kear [2014] NSWWCCPD 47

Secretary, Department of Family and Community Services v Victoire [2014] NSWWCCPD 44

Roche v Australian Prestressing Services Pty Ltd [2013] NSWWCCPD 7

Ausgrid v Grima [2012] NSWWCCPD 59

Sydney South West Area Health Service v Palau [2012] NSWWCCPD 20

Woods v L & R Heritage Roof Restoration Pty Ltd [2012] NSWWCCPD 12

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Witt v Q B Interiors (NSW) Pty Ltd [2011] NSWWCCPD 19

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Patricia Orellana-Fuentes v Standard Knitting Mills Pty Ltd (2003) 57 NSWLR 282; [2004] ALMD 1957; [2004] ALMD 1959; [2002] NSWWCCPD 8


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